• Coach Respray with a Passion for Perfection

    Coach Respray - we aim for perfection

    Does your new coach need a paint respray or is your existing coach in dire need of respraying? Have your corporate colours changed and you need your fleet to reflect your new look? Perhaps you've just bought new vehicles and you need the livery and your coach needs to be resprayed to match your existing vehicles.

    Blackpool coach services is the answer, we specialises in coach resprays, offering you an absolutely flawless and professional paint result. We deal with all types of commercial and trade vehicle, including buses and coaches, heavy and light commercial vehicles, Luton vans, pickup trucks, transit vans and transporter vehicles.

    Based in Blackpool, Lancashire in the North West of England, our clients are from all over Britain including a fair number from Ireland and other islands dotted around the british coast, so wherever you are, you can benefit from our professional coach respraying service.

    We understand that the longer your vehicle's off road, the more it costs your business time and money, That's why we will always go out of our way to ensure that you receive a fast turnaround time, getting your coach or vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.

  • Plaxton Premier

    Whilst the Plaxton Premier is an ageing vehicle, much can be done to enhance the vehicle to provide for longer and more lucrative uses, refurbishing both exterior and interior of the vehicles, provides for a lower cost way of extending the life on your vehciles. Should you wish to know any further information or talk to us regarding the upgrade of your Plaxton Premier, please feel free to phone us, or drop us a line using the contact form from the menu.

    See below for a little of the History

    The Plaxton Premier, Plaxton Excalibur and Plaxton Prima were closely-related designs of coach bodywork built by Plaxton.

    The Premier and Excalibur were introduced in 1991 as replacements for the Paramount. The Premier was the mainstream design, available in the same two heights as its predecessor (but expressed in centimetres, 320 and 350, rather than millimetres). The Excalibur was a premium specification coach, based on the Premier 350 but with a more dramatically-styled front end.

    A taller export version of the Excalibur, built on Volvo B12 chassis, was briefly marketed by Volvo in France, and was named Prestige (a name which was subsequently re-used by Plaxton on the home market for a low-floor bus).

    The Excalibur accounted for around 15% of production; the Premier 350 was the most popular model taking about 45%; and the 3.2-metre Premier 320 and Prima made up the remaining 40%.